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Company Introduction

Fuzhou Gaoda Rare Earth Material Co., Ltd. is the sole manufactory of Gaoda complex-drier in China. Early under support from Fujian Science and Technology Commission and Fujian Chemical Industry Institute, we designed and consummated the Standard Operation Procedure and formula of Gaoda complex-drier independently, then carried out production in 1995 and applied for Invention Patent. The paper of company’s general engineer (Mr. Gao Ge) was abstracted by USA"Chemical Abstracts"(CA) in 1999.

Gaoda complex-drier can be mainly used for paintings and coatings. It is produced with good 2-Ethylhexanoic acid, rare earths and other metals but no carcinogen. Singly using such a complex-drier can match the total effect instead of the traditional driers such as Co, Mn, Pb, Zn, and Ca etc. It has advantages of using singly and operating easily, small dosage with lower cost and without Co & Pb, light color and good quality, resisting the environment of low temperature and high wetness.

It won the gold medal at “China Fair of Inventions and New Technologies” in Beijing 1998, gold medal in “SINOFINT Washington (USA)’99” on Sep.1,1999, gold medal in “The 49th Brussels Eureka Expo” on Nov.20,2000. CCTV-2 & CCTV-7 televised Gaoda complex-drier product and interviewed company’s general engineer, too.

Co is the chemical carcinogen which is strictly limited by European Union coating industry in 2001. Gaoda complex-drier is invented in 1995 and we do not use carcinogen such as Co at all.

We have business relationship with many companies in the world. As long as you send an E-mail to us, we will certainly send you sample. Hope we will have a cheerful cooperation.

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