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Dec.18, 1995  With Invention Patent "The Complex-drier for Coatings & the Means of Production", GAODA complex-drier was put into manufacture.
Jun.27, 1996  Fujian Science & Technology News reported "The coming out of the Omnipotent Drier".
Nov.15, 1996  GAODA product standard "Q/QT238001-1996" was carried out (as picture).
Mar.18, 1997 Southeast Chemical Industry Info reported "New Drier for Coatings".
Apr.2, 1997  China Chemical Industry News reported "The coming out of the New Coating Drier in Fujian".
Oct.30, 1997  Set up Internet Home Page
Dec.7, 1997  Got "GAODA" brand.
Mar.18, 1998 Invention Patent "THE COMPLEX-DRIER FOR COATINGS AND THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION" was published.
Apr.6, 1998 Gold medal was awarded at "China Fair of Inventions and New Technologies" in Beijing.
May.11-12, 1998 CCTV-2 televised "Complex-drier" at "Supply and Demand Hot Line" program.
May.21-22, 1998 CCTV-7 televised interview of company’s chief engineer at "Creation and Invent" program.
Oct.5-7, 1998  Invited by "Forum on Rare Earth Technology and Trade" Beijing and delivered presentation.
Oct. 1998 Invited by "Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology" & "PATTEC CORPORATION" to attend "International Exhibition for Coating" in USA.
Oct. 1998 Received invitation from "The International Rare Earths Conference" for paper presentation in Australia.
Nov.17-19, 1998 Attend "The 3rd China International Exhibition for Coatings & Printing Inks" at C171 in Guangzhou.
Nov. 1998 The paper "A New Complex-drier for Coatings" was published on Paint & Coatings Industry magazine.
Apr. 1999 Visited "European Coating Show" in Germany with "State Administration of Petroleum & Chemical Industry".
May.24, 1999 "New-type compound drier for coatings" was published on CHEMICAL ABSTRACTS at Vol.130, No.21, 1999, page 837, No.130 283395.
Jul. 1999 "The New Omnipotent Complex-drier for Coatings" was published on China Coatings Journal in Hong Kong.
Sep. 1999 Joined "SINOFINT Washington (USA) ‘99" and another gold medal was awarded.
Oct.20-22, 1999  "International Coatings Expo" Dallas, Texas, the USA. Our booth no. is 144.
Nov.17-19 1999 "The 4th China International Exhibition for Coatings & Printing Inks" Shanghai, China. Our booth no. is C203.
Nov.20, 2000 Gold medal was awarded at "The 49th Brussels Eureka Expo" Belgium.
Apr. 2004 Enterprise name was changed to "Fuzhou Gaoda Rare Earth Material Co., Ltd.", export volume increased.
May. 2009 Update ingredient raw material, green products concept was stronger.
Dec. 2010 Production volume increased, factory address relocated, Fuzhou Postbox 360.
Apr. 2012 Company Trade Mark renewal, radial streak of letter G.
Mar. 2013 GAODA complex-drier Invention Patent renewal. New products have better drying speed and environmental friendly solvent.
Nov. 2015 GAODA complex-drier receives Non-hazardous Test Report by IQTC, stating that "Not a hazardous material for transportation".
Jan. 2017 GAODA company receives Honest Business Unit award by Fuzhou Shishi Chamber of Commerce.
Jan. 2018 GAODA company receives Excellent Member Enterprise award by Fuzhou Shishi Chamber of Commerce.
May.18-22, 2019 Attend "The 21st Centry Maritime Silk Road Exposition & the Cross-strait Fair for Economy and Trade", Fuzhou, Fujian, China. Our booth no. is 10A110.

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