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Direction for use (FAQ)

1. Can the Gaoda complex-drier be used singly?

    Yes. Singly using such a Gaoda complex-drier can match the same total effect as using several traditional driers that included Co, Mn, Pb, Zn, Ca etc.

2. Why the complex-drier can be used singly?

    It is due to its characteristics of the multi-metals complex reaction, its cooperative function, and its coherence between “dry to touch” and “dry through” in coatings.

3. Shall we use other driers at the same time?

    No. The complex-drier can carry out the whole drying process for coatings without any other driers and anti-skinning agent.

4. Does the complex-drier contain Co or Pb?

    No, it dose not contain Co or Pb. So it can be used to paint edible tins, toys and eliminates the environmental pollution. It is nontoxic and innocuity.

5. Why the paint & coatings with complex-drier appear in light color?

When the multivalent metal ion in complex-drier plays a part in the coatings, it is oxygenated to be a high valence ion. This metal ion only appears to be light color, which is lighter than the color of the resins and the purple of the Co drier. Therefore, it can be used in varnish or light color paint to get a good color notation. All type of air-drying coatings must be kept in touch with air after brushing. As long as you have not used too much drier, there would not be any color change after painting on surface.

6. Whether the coatings with the complex-drier can be painted at raining and cold days?

    Yes. By using this drier to the coatings, the painting operation can continue to be carried out even if it encountered with a low temperature and high humid weather

7. How about the stability of the complex-drier?

   It has formed the steady chelate of 5 or 6 member of ring, so it can stored by itself below 0 for a long time without precipitation. After storing in coating for a year, its technological indexes do not change except that its viscidity increases slightly.

8. Why can the complex-drier completely replace the Co drier?

    A multivalent metal has been selected to the production of the complex-drier. Its synergic function with organic acid is several times better than that of Co metal. So it can save quantity but get the excellent result.

9. Why can the complex-drier get the excellent effect?

    Because it is scientifically complexed, not just simple mixture.   

    It is really a omnipotent drier for coatings.

10. What quantity is needed in using the complex-drier?

    Generally, the using quantity is about 0.50%~1.0%(w/w) of the solid resin.

    In white alkyd enamels & alkyd varnish, its using quantity in coatings is about 0.50-0.60% of the solid resin, only one-tenth of the total traditional driers.

11. How to use the complex-drier for paint and coatings?

    For example, in the alkyd varnish or white alkyd enamel of the medium oil, the using quantity of the complex-drier only needs 0.50-1.0% of its solid resin. For some coloured-paints such as blue & green is 0.70% or so. The black paint is 0.85% because of the physical adsorption of carbon black pigment. The red paint is 0.95% because of the complexation reaction between metal and pigment such as scarlet & toluidine red.

    As to new coatings, it is convenient to find out the best suitable quantity by selecting three points of using quantity of the complex-drier at 0.50-1.0% interval in expecting value to test. The higher the resin Iodine value is, the less drier should be used.


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